About Us


With over 25 years' experience of helping small businesses, we are perfectly placed to help you.

Whether you're just starting out and need advice or whether you're growing and need a little help to flourish,

we're here to help


Small business owners struggle with all kinds of things, here are the common issues we come across: ​

  • Advertising & Marketing - getting customers, continuity of work

  • Accounts - book-keeping, tax returns, VAT, CIS & Payroll

  • Telephone answering - allowing you to do your job & screening nuisance calls

  • Administration & Secretarial - choosing the right software, setting up the computer, setting up simple systems, emailing & typing

  • Invoicing - typing up invoices, keeping on top of customer charging & chasing up debts

  • Complying with red tape - being up to date with legislation and knowing that you're keeping to the right side of the line


Our aim at Organise your business is to provide a straight forward, clearly-priced service to help free you up to run your business. Our experience has taught us that people who have a desire to be self-employed don't usually have that same desire for all elements of running a business.


Legislation, tax, administration and marketing are necessary, unavoidable duties that most small business owners have little or no training in. Whether you keep on top of these things can make or break your business.

We understand that most small businesses cannot afford to carry full-time office personnel, particularly when the need for staff ebbs and flows. With Organise your business, you can pick and choose which services you use and for how long. There are no binding contracts, no holiday or sick pay responsibilities,

just people who are qualified to help, on tap, whenever you need them.

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